selected exhibitions

starting November 20, 2018: Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls XIV

Cube Gallery Ottawa, The Riparians, trio show, July 2018
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls XIII, December 2017
Cube Gallery, Summery, November 2017
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls XII, December 2016
Cube Gallery, Blue, August 2016
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls XI, December 2015
Cube Gallery, 10th Anniversary Exhibition, January 2015
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls X, December 2014
Cube Gallery, Black&White, August 2014
Cube Gallery, Warmth, February 2014
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls IX, December 2013
Rotunda Gallery City Hall, Kitchener, Street Light, solo show, Nov. 2013
Cube Gallery, Street Light, solo show, June 2013
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls VIII, December 2012
Cube Gallery, Nuit Noire II, July 2012
The Artist Project Toronto, March 2012
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls VII, December 2011
Cube Gallery, Nuit Noire I, July 2011
Foyer Gallery Ottawa, Harmonics, 4 artist focus show, April/May 2011
Britannia Gallery Ottawa, Alphabet Soup, OMMA, juried, April 2011
Orange Art Gallery Ottawa, group exhibitions, April, 2010 to January 2011
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls VI, December 2010
Ottawa Art Expo Ottawa, juried, October 2010
Foyer Gallery rotating group exhibitions, January 2010 - May 2011
Avenue Art Gallery Montreal , The Brush Off, juried, May/June, 2010
Britannia Gallery, Silver Lining, OMMA, juried, April 2010
Cube Gallery, Artists for Haiti, February 2010
Gallery La Petite Mort Ottawa, Here for There: Artists for Haiti, January 2010
Cube Gallery, Great Big Smalls V, December 2009
Cube Gallery, Canadian Homage, July 2009
Britannia Gallery, Luscious, OMMA, juried, April 2009
Paper Mill Gallery Toronto, Gallery Nora Spring Show, April 2008
Paper Mill Gallery Gallery Nora Winter Show, February 2007
Gloucester Gallery Ottawa, Hide & Seek, OMMA, juried, February 2007
Alliance Francaise Art Gallery Ottawa, Intuition, OMMA, juried, Oct. 2006

Sacred Heart High School Stittsville, Mixed Media Workshop, grade 12, three sessions, November 2013